Hāki Chambers Global

Constitution Building, Peace Processes and Democracy Support

For over 20 years, we have been advisors to constitutional reform, democracy support and peace processes, including in Cyprus, Egypt, Ethiopia, Jordan, Libya, Myanmar, Nepal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tunisia, Ukraine, Yemen and Zimbabwe.

Our expertise includes:

  • transitions from violent conflict to peaceful democratic politics
  • transitions from authoritarian to democratic rule
  • constitution reform processes
  • security sector oversight
  • constitutional governance in ethnically divided societies
  • federalism, decentralization and secession
  • executive powers
  • constitutional courts and transitional justice
  • official language policy; minority and group rights
  • bills of rights

Our experience includes:

  • providing technical advice to multi-party dialogues
  • facilitating public dialogue sessions with civil society groups and other stakeholders
  • leading stakeholder consultations
  • performing detailed advisory work with technical experts
  • training civil servants and bureaucrats
  • engaging party leaders and parliamentarians
  • drafting technical reports and memoranda in the field

Representative Mandates